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Excentos Themes

Project Intro

Excentos is a B2B enterprise that provides Guided Selling tools, in specific Product Finders. A Product Finder is a UI that helps online shoppers to get to the right product, like a virtual shop assistant.

After developing a customer-facing tool to build Product Finders using the online shop data (the Workbench), Excentos wanted to be able to satisfy a wide range of industries by offering different themes.

I am showcasing two of them here: Sunrise and Sky.


The theme Sunrise uses the content of a coat finder app.

#1 Understanding
Through online research, I collected data on online fashion shopping. The goal of the clients using this theme is to inspire the user to purchase a product in their shop, by giving them a personalized experience.

What did I learn?

• 43% of purchases are influenced by personalized recommendations or promotions.
• Users prefer to be talked to with natural language.
• The tool should ease the process for finding the right product, not complicate it.
• It is recommended to have between 7-9 questions for a higher Complexion Rate.

With what I learned in mind, I made a Content Map of the app, defining the question flow and the UI components to use.
#2 Ideation
I started by exploring different arrangements.

To represent the process in a progressive way, I decided to use progress bars and allow the user to restart or get to an up-to-date results´ list at all time.

This way I aim to avoid the user leaving the app if she/he decides to stop the process.

In the result list we let the user filter the results, restart the app, go back to the last answered question or access a wish-list.
#3 Prototype
#4 Test


For this theme the focus was adding to the user journey a responsive and mobile friendly comparison table.

The problem:

• Tables are generally not mobile friendly.
• Comparing requires viewing several items.
• Restricted amount of space on mobile devices.

The solution:

• Allow the user to change items in the comparison table without having to go back to    the result list.
• Allow changing the position of the items.
• Stick on top the items details when scrolling through the features.

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