Maria di Cesare

UI/UX Designer living and working in Berlin


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How I work .

Research / Analysis / Design / ...and again

I like to create user-friendly products that look good.
When I design, my goal is to create a product that is going to improve people's lives.

User-centered design and an iterative process based on research and analysis are my strategies, as well as good and effective communication with the team I work with.

About me .

With a background in visual arts, in 2016 I was introduced to web development and digital product design, and started working in that direction.

Currently, I am working as an interaction designer at excentos GmbH, focusing on enhancing their product's usability and user experience.

In my free time I illustrate and go to look at things happening at art shows, love music in many shapes, and talking about shapes, I also enjoy those  in nature.

My Skills:

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