Maria di Cesare

Excentos Corporate Website


Managed through Joomla, the website was not following modern trends anymore, and also its information architecture was outdated due to a lot of editing and quick content updates.


Excentos' goal was to have a new website keeping the existing content as well as being able to add new easily.

The look of the existing website was no longer appealing, as well as the content and topics.


Together with the marketing team, we redefined the style of the website using a Yootheme Pro.

Our goal was to attract online-shop businesses as well as provide a clear journey through the product.


After analysing the architecture, listening to the desired outcomes from the management, I started by planning the milestones of the project.
The challenging part was to bring together the existing with the new content.
I developed the website using the Joomla backend and CSS code.
I took care of the design, development and image content.

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